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Five Elements Acupuncture diagram.

Five Elements Acupuncture

Dr. Halina O’Neill's unique insight into nature as well as the cause of your pain and discomfort originates from the Five Elements Classical Acupuncture Specialization, which focuses on the root of your suffering in combination with use of the five elements treatment methods.


Each person's energetic ecosystem can be described as a combination of Five Elemental Energetics/Phases of Energy: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth.


Five Elements is a unique branch of Acupuncture that diagnoses and treats primary elemental imbalance, the source of all imbalances in our body, with a focus on an emotional and spiritual level of our being as the root cause of suffering, pain and illness. Treating the imbalanced/weak Element restores balance back to all Elements, accelerating recovery from pain and illness while bringing balance back into the body, mind and spirit.The Five Elements Acupuncture treatment is highly individualized, depending on the patient's Elemental energetic make-up, and lays a foundation for prevention as well as developing a successful, long-lasting recovery.

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