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Dr. Halina O' Neill's love for holistic medicine was ignited while witnessing her two young sons, whom were affected by several health conditions, recover miraculously with the help of natural medicine. This initiated her journey to go back to school and accumulate years of study in becoming a Licensed Acupuncturist and Master Homeopath.


Dr. Halina O’Neill has been serving the Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton areas for over 17 years now dedicated to her passion in helping people affected by life-limiting health conditions and pain.


Dr. Halina O’Neill offers highly personalized and effective treatments to address your current health issues and underlying causes of dis-ease. The treatment restores balance on all levels of being; body, mind, and spirit while activating the body’s miraculous ability to self-heal.


For best results, she offers Classical Five Elements Acupuncture, TCM Acupuncture, Dr. Tan Balance Method, Herbal Prescriptions, Classical Homeopathy, Acupoint Injection Therapy (using homeopathic medicines Traumeel and Zeel for local pain and inflammation), Qi Gong instruction as well as lifestyle and nutritional counseling.


The holistic modalities are individually selected and designed for you according to your needs and preferences.

To ensure long lasting success and recovery to optimal health, she provides step-by step support and welcomes you to fully participate in jour healing journey.

Dr. Halina O'Neill teaching Qi-Gong.

Dr. Halina O' Neill

Board Certified Acupuncture Physician,

Herbologist, Master in Homeopathology,

Qi Gong Teacher and Public Speaker.


  • ​Academy for Five Element Acupuncture

  • Master’s Degree in Acupuncture

  • Healing Tao USA

  • Qi Gong Instructor

  • Dynamis School for Advance Homeopathic Studies

  • Master’s Degree in Homeopathic Medicine

  • Polytechnic University in Szczecin, Poland

  • Master’s in Chemical Engineering


  • TCM Diagnostic and Acupuncture

  • Five Element Diagnostic and Acupuncture

  • Dr.Tan Balance Method

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture

  • Acupoint Injection Therapy

  • Eight Extraordinary Vessels Diagnostic and Treatments

  • Auricular Acupuncture

  • Moxabustion

  • GuaSha/Cupping

  • Chinese Herbology Prescriptions

  • Qi Gong Instructions

  • Homeopathy/acute/ constitutional

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling


Dr. Halina O’Neill has been treating me for almost 4 years and is extremely qualified, honest and dependable. Halina is a remarkable caring physician with a keen awareness which makes her diagnostic ability unmatched. Because of her exceptional diagnostic skills she will get to the root cause of your illness and discomfort to come up with the proper treatment for each and every patient. As she is seeing only one patient at a time, we as patients can be assured that we have her undivided attention for the full hour. Very different from any other acupuncturist that I have been treated by.


Thank you, Halina!! 


- Vicki

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